The Company

Golden Developing Solutions is a development-stage company providing business services and/or products supporting the CBD industry. 

The company is also focused on acquisitions of compliant CBD companies according to state & federal laws.


Wholly Owned Subsidiary(s)

Golden Developing Solutions (DVLP) is developing an online retail business for cannabidiol (CBD) and health/wellness-related products through wholly owned subsidiary

The company offers a broad range of high-quality, price-competitive products, including traditional vitamins, supplements, and CBD-based tinctures, vapes and soft gels. View Products


Transparency & Visibility

Transparency and visibility are elevated to a commensurate degree. Golden development solutions has a potent message and a great story. 

It is our responsibility to implement a strategy that communicates that story to our shareholders and the wider investment community. Recent Developments & OTC Disclosure

The Team

Stavros Triant

Chief Executive Officer

Vince Trapasso

Senior Vice President


Golden Developing Solutions, Inc.

900 Ranch Road 620 South. Suite C101-143. Austin, TX 78734

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